A secure DEX bot that speaks human

Make you swaps a breeze. Trade with peace of mind. Keep your keys.

The smart account.

Chôra is an intelligent non-custodial account abstraction wallet with social login, 2FA, and unmatched recoverability.

Use your existing wallet/ledger to control your account
Enhanced security, rich recovery options, no single point of failure
Text-to-invest: command your portfolio with AI chat  alpha
Automate and schedule actions coming soon

Superior security for self-custody thanks to account abstraction

Chôra supercharges non-custodial wallet security with social login, 2FA, and unmatched recoverability by letting the users delegate a part of security without giving away the custody of their assets.

With our smart contract, we eliminate the single point of failure and support recovery for worst cases (single-key recovery based on a time lock). We take care of the security partially (by operating a co-signing key) without taking over the custody of the account.
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Built upon solid foundations
Built upon solid foundations
WHY Chôra?

One wallet does it all

2FA Authentication at the Transaction Level
Enhance your security with 2FA. Safeguard your assets with an additional layer of protection.
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Gasless Transactions
Experience the future of crypto with zero gas fees*. Our innovative platform enables seamless, eco-friendly transactions for everyone.
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Recoverable & Secure
We protect and ensure only you have access to your wallet. In case you lose your seed phrase, you can recover your wallet.
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*Available only on selected chains.